Penobscot Health Services (PHS) is a tribally owned SBA 8(a) Small Business, formed in 2013 as a subsidiary of Penobscot Indian Nation Enterprises.

We believe in Performance through People to increase our customers competitive advantage by aligning strategy with people and culture. 


The Leadership Team at PHS is founded on competency-based strategic solutions. That is why we employ professionals with experience and educated in Healthcare Administration, Military Service & Leadership, Contract Compliance, Business Development and  Human Resources.


Understanding and embracing our guiding principle to increase total wellness means our team is committed to providing the right solutions. Our clients, employees and partners all benefit from better world tomorrow, and our commitment to innovativing, adapting and serving.


Corporate Responsibility

PHS was established to provide sustainable and meaningful opportunities for Tribal Members, we remain dedicated to that principle while developing ways to increase our positive impact.

PHS Works non-profits, individuals and communities to support and enhance health and wellness initiatives across the spectrum.

Current Project:

Native Youth & Culture Fund Grant - Establishing the Adapt and Innovate Project.


To increase market share through innovating and adapting to the current and evolving needs of the wellness industry, our clients and employees.


PHS is a Tribally Owned 8(a), committed to making a significant and positive impact in the wellness and resiliency of our community, clients and employees through a comprehensive and effective set of products and services.