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Staffing Solutions - Workforce Development - Strategic Management

Putting the right people, in the right place, at the right time! 

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Direct Care Professionals
  • Mental and Behavioral Health Specialists
  • Nurses - RN's, LPN's, EMT's
  • Medical Assistants - CMA's, CRMA's, CRNA's
  • Medical Techs
  • CNA's, PCA's and DSP's
Administrative Support
  • Contract and Project Managers
  • Healthcare & Program Supervisors
  • Family Readiness Support
  • Assistants, Clerks and Secretarial
  • Billing Agents
  • Experienced Coders
  • Logicians & Analysts

Facility & Operations Support
  • Operations Managers
  • Custodial
  • Agency Stores
  • Warehouse & Inventory
  • Laboratory Support
  • Science & Field Agents
  • Trade Construction Labor
  • Landscape

Specialized and Strategic Staffing

HCRM Services

Let our experienced team ensure regulatory compliance, complete coverage and employee satisfaction!

Our specialists are dedicated to sourcing, screening and retaining employees who are focused on excellence and on-going development.

I.T. and Networking Services

Our experts will make sure your systems surpass security requirement,s function seamlessly and consistently so you can focus on providing quality services.


EHR Management

We train specialists who will ensure that implementation, training and utilization of your EHR system is done effectively and efficiently - ensuring patient privacy, improved service delivery and maximization of service reimbursement.


Workforce Development

Team Building

Ensuring teams work together to promote engagement and success within your organization. PHS provides a variety of services that promote productivity in the workplace, increase profits and reduce turnover.

Professional Development

PHS promotes putting people first and in doing so we have developed engaging opportunities for professional and personal enrichment. Utilizing traditional and  innovative delivery methods we can assist in creating a climate of  increased productivity, wellness and dedication.


Support Services

Providing employee resources for all levels of your workforce to create on-going operational improvements. We provide support services that foster effective leaders, maximize utilization of time and resources, provide opportunities for innovation and create environments based on total wellness.

Our team is committed to 100% Customer Satisfaction and provides supportive staffing solutions for all our customer and partner needs.

Join our Team!

If you are looking to be part of a team that values its members and is  dedicated to providing exceptional services, we want to hear from you!